Greek (Unity) Week


Greek week was a fantastic success! Thank you to everyone who participated and to all of you who took your time to bring this week long event to life.

Each year we have Greek Week to strengthen our Greek Unity here at FAU. With friendly competitions, we all play and support one another as we work through this fun (and dare I say exhausting) week.

Our theme this year was one to motivate each and everyone of us to become involved in the upcoming presidential election. Almost all of our community was registered to vote and we learned so much from Heather Smith, the President of Rock the Vote.

What was your favorite part of Greek Week? Where did our Greek Unity at FAU really stand out to you?

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About College Panhellenic Association at FAU

The FAU College Panhellenic Association (CPA) serves as the governing body for the five National Panhellenic Conference sororities present at Florida Atlantic University. CPA’s main purpose is to maintain and develop fraternity life and interfraternal relationships with other fraternity men and women. CPA is also responsible for the distribution of important information to women across campus, coordinating Sorority Fall Formal Recruitment, hosting educational programs, and encouraging personal development and high standards. The FAU College Panhellenic Association meets weekly on Wednesdays at 4:30 P.M. in the Seante Chambers located to the left of the cafeteria on the Boca Raton Campus. For more information regarding CPA please see the following websites. If you would like to be a guest speaker or would like to get your organization involved with CPA please contact Bailey Hamm at

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  1. I definitely saw the Greek unity shine at the the Greek Games. It was great seeing all the teams cheering for one another and be great sports throughout out the games! :):):)

  2. I LOVED Greek Week! Seeing other organizations do well, along with my own, was awesome. I definitely think it encouraged Greek unity.

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