Summer Experience Blogs

Doing anything exciting this summer? Family Trips? Study Abroad? Leadership Conferences? UIFI? Volunteering? Take pictures, and we would love to feature all of your experiences on our blog!

Here is a longer example of a travel blog that was started during a study abroad last summer for the local Slow Food Chapter. It is similar to how our summer traveling experience blogs will be structured.

We hope to have many Panhellenic women featured, many interesting stories to tell and many pictures to show! 

If you are interested please contact Brittni, VP of Communication at:


Obama At FAU


We were very happy today to host Obama’s speech on economic policy here at FAU! It was great to see so many students were in attendance, especially the high amount of fraternity men and sorority women, representing our school and organizations.

The following video is the recorded speech for those of you who were unable to attend.

Democrat or Republican, Obama supporter or not. I am sure that we can all agree, having the President of the United States at FAU was an event to remember!

How did Obama’s speech impact you?

Student Government Paid Positions


Are you ready to make your mark at FAU?  Do you want to lead the way in 2012?  Got great programming ideas and want to see them happen at FAU?  Now’s your chance to get involved with Student Government at FAU!

Positions are currently posted online for SG paid opportunities that offer 10-20 hours of work a week and stipends of $7.50-$8.50/hr.  Several of the positions that are available include:

  • President’s Chief of Staff
  • President’s Executive Assistant
  • Vice President’s Assistant
  • Elections Chair
  • Marketing Director
  • Homecoming Director
  • Governor’s Chief of Staff
  • Program Board Director
  • Council of Student Organizations (COSO) Director
  • Multicultural Programming Director
  • Graduate Student Association Director
  • Student Advocating Volunteer Involvement (SAVI) Director
  • Peer Education Team Director
  • Night Owls Director
  • Program Board Coordinator

In most cases, members of a f/s community are the student leaders who are the most involved in these types of positions on a college campus.   Will the same be true here at FAU?

In order to apply, go online to (Search Postings; Position Type: Student) or to get more information, call Student Government at 561-297-3740.

Many of these positions close on April 11, 2012, so please plan to apply accordingly.


Greek (Unity) Week


Greek week was a fantastic success! Thank you to everyone who participated and to all of you who took your time to bring this week long event to life.

Each year we have Greek Week to strengthen our Greek Unity here at FAU. With friendly competitions, we all play and support one another as we work through this fun (and dare I say exhausting) week.

Our theme this year was one to motivate each and everyone of us to become involved in the upcoming presidential election. Almost all of our community was registered to vote and we learned so much from Heather Smith, the President of Rock the Vote.

What was your favorite part of Greek Week? Where did our Greek Unity at FAU really stand out to you?

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Calling the future VP of Administration!


Come and join the Panhellenic E-Board! The position of VP of Administration is open and ready to be filled by a qualified Panhellenic woman. Applications are due by Monday, April 2nd and elections will be held on Wednesday, April 4th during the Panhellenic meeting. For more information feel free to contact the Panhellenic President, Tara French (former VP of Administration) or any of the other e-board members.

APPLICATION: CPA Executive Board Application

The Vice President of Administration shall:

  • Call the role at all meetings of the Panhellenic Council and create a master calendar for the Panhellenic Community every semester; schedule two (2) office hours weekly.
  • Reserve Rooms for all meetings; maintain the necessary office supplies.
  • Keep full minutes of all meetings of the FAU College Panhellenic Association and a record of all action taken by the Executive Board.
  • Send minutes of meetings of the Panhellenic Council to every Chapter delegate and President, the Executive Board members, Panhellenic Advisor and NPC Area Advisor.
  • Be responsible for the general supervision of the finances for the preparation of the annual budget and for providing a copy to each Florida Atlantic University College Panhellenic Association member chapter.
  • Receive all payments due to the College Panhellenic Association; invoice chapters, collect all dues and give receipts and maintain up-to-date financial records; give a financial report at each regular meeting of the Panhellenic Council and an annual report at the close of her term of office.
  • Be responsible for the prompt payment of the annual NPC dues and all bills of the Florida Atlantic University College Panhellenic Association.

UIFI – Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute


When I think of an utopian society as we learned in our high school English classes, I often wonder what it would be like and the feeling you would have while there. Would others see things as you do? Would it really be the best place on earth? Maybe it’s a catalyst for change in the real world? I have never believed there is such thing as a utopian state of mind or even a group of people who could reach utopia…until I attended UIFI.

            The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute held each year during the summer months in Indianapolis, Indiana is a premiere leadership institute strictly for fraternity and sorority members. During this five-day leadership experience you immerse yourself into an experience with fraternity and sorority members from all around the country. As the week progresses you create lifelong friendships and connections with your “chapter” members and facilitators as well as other participants. You hear the good and bad of Greek life along with the brutal stereotypes that brings our organizations down. But the one thing that makes this experience so great is the passion. The passion that each and every one of the individuals at the institute from the facilitators to the participants has for not only their own organization but the well being of fraternity and sorority life as a whole. The passion to stand above the stereotypes and challenge the process to model the way for change and a shared vision of success in our communities and organizations.

You may wonder why I describe the experience as a utopia? Because nowhere, before or after attending UIFI, have I ever been surrounded by so many people who were as passionate if not more about the same thing as myself. People who genuinely cared for the future existence of fraternities and sororities and saw the experience as more than joining for the party’s or the frat boys and sororities girls. But people who were passionate about philanthropy and doing more for others than they would do for themselves. Nowhere have I felt the same feeling I felt at UIFI that everything was perfect and I never wanted to leave. I kept asking myself, what would my FAU fraternity and sorority community be like if we all saw things this way? What if we were all as passionate about philanthropy and Ritual as all 60 attendees of my session? Our community would be blowing the roof off other communities and being the change we wish to see.

Attending UIFI in the summer of 2011 was the best life changing experience I could have been afforded in my time here at FAU. My outlook on not only my organization but also the community as a whole would not be what it is without the individuals and things I learned while at UIFI. I believe in the college student and their ability to not only do the right thing but the right thing for other people, their organization, and themselves. By banding together and living our Ritual there is nothing we can’t do or achieve. There is no reason we should be known or remembered for stereotypes that are slapped across our chest because of the letters we wear. We should be remembered for the lives we have changed for the better, the philanthropy and service work we do for the community, and the ability to help others realize their potential and become the very best versions of themselves.

If this all sounds like thoughts or dreams you have had than go to right now and apply to attend a session THIS summer. Don’t say you will do it next year, you cant afford to go, or you’re too young or too old. It’s NEVER too late and money should never stop you from attending this program. It will most likely be the best five days you will spend with members of the sorority and fraternity community and is worth EVERY penny. Believe me when I say I would drop everything to go to another session and be in the same environment as I was in last summer. DO MORE, BE MORE.

Xi Love and All Mine,

Bailey Hamm

Alpha Xi Delta

UIFI APPLICATION: CPA UIFI Scholarship Application 12

Meet Our Delegates!!!


AΔΠ ~ Alpha Delta Pi

Chelsea Nori


Hometown: Lake Mary, Florida

Favorite part of being a Panhellenic Delegate: Getting to know the Panhel Executive Board and the other delegates. Also, being a part of improving and brainstorming new ways to make CPA better and better.

A woman from Greek life that you look up to and why: VP of Programming, April Turner! She basically is Superwoman with all of the major campus events she has previously been in charge of/ made a huge success and currently is running for Student Body Vice President.

Advice to future Panhellenic women: Be yourself! The girls that you truly belong with are the ones who make the deepest connection with you based on who you are, exactly the way you are 🙂

AΞΔ ~ Alpha Xi Delta

Kaley Reiner


Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Favorite part of being a Panhellenic Delegate: Getting to talk about important topics with girls from each sorority.

A woman from Greek life that you look up to and why: Shellby Sweeney because she is able to balance her busy life so perfectly and still keeps calm and composed.

Advice to future Panhellenic women: Choose the place you feel most at home 🙂

ΔΦE ~ Delta Phi Epsilon

Michelle Cancel


Hometown: Coconut Creek, Florida

Favorite part of being a Panhellenic delegate: that I am able to be a part of Panhel community more! Another thing I like about being delegate is the fact I am able to be the voice of my sorority. By being delegate you have the future of Greek life in your hands, and you’re able to make changes to better the future.

A woman in Greek Life that you look up to: Tara French, the CPA president. She is someone who I aspire to be like in the future. Tara has accomplished being on the leadership Team in her sorority and has held numerous positions in CPA. She motivates me to work harder in everything I do. Another reason I look up to her is because she has guided me and shaped me into being a better Panhellenic sister. Without her teaching me the ins and outs of sorority life I don’t think I would be where I am today. She a motivator and someone I can always look to for advice, support and love.

Advice to future Panhellenic women:  Have an open mind and follow your heart while going through recruitment. It might sound simple, but going through recruitment week can be kind of stressful. Everyone is giving you opinions on why you should join their sorority and sometimes you have friends pressuring you to join the same sorority as them. The bottom line is to listen to what every sorority has to say and pick which one feels like home to you. Listening and following your heart is crucial, because at the end of the day whatever sorority you choose is your new home.

ΣK ~ Sigma Kappa

Courtney Barney


Hometown: Melbourne, Florida

Favorite part of being a Panhellenic Delegate: My favorite part of being a delegate is getting to work with the other wonderful people involved in Greek Life outside of my own sorority.

A woman from Greek life that you look up to and why: There are so many women in the Greek community that I look up to that it is difficult to choose just one. I look up to all the women that are on the Panhellenic Executive Board because they are so genuine, work hard, treat all the Panhellenic women like sisters, and strive to make sure that Panhellenic life is the best it can be.

Advice to future Panhellenic women: My advice for those looking to go Greek would be to go with your gut instinct when choosing an organization. You will know in your heart which organization is right from the moment you lay eyes on it and you will feel as if you are apart of a great family.

ΘΦA ~ Theta Phi Alpha

Laurèn Rumsey

Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Favorite part of being a Panhellenic Delegate: Meeting new people

A woman from Greek life that you look up to and why: Stephanie Dunn (Theta Phi Alpha President). She has done so much for our chapter and continues to manage time for everything she needs to get done. She is what being a sorority woman is all about. She has been an inspiration to me since I joined Theta Phi Alpha last Fall, 2010.

Advice to future Panhellenic women: Don’t listen to stereotypes from the media, people, etc. about Greek life and organizations. If you listen to the stereotypes you don’t get the opportunity to know people. When you don’t get to know people you don’t give yourself the chance to become friends with them. Opening up my mind to everyone here in Greek life, regardless of their organization, helped me meet so many different people and form friendships that I never thought would be possible. Try your best to be as active as possible with the events that Fraternity and Sorority Life put on because they give you a real feel for the Greek community 🙂